Should You Buy a Home Now or Wait?
Should You Buy a Home Now or Wait?

Should You Buy a Home Now or Wait?

Should You Buy a Home Now or Wait?

The answer is Yes, you should buy now.

For first home buyers, you get to enjoy the low interest rate, stamp-duty exemption due to the extended Home Ownership Campaign (HOC) by the government, and developers offering better prices and other incentives.

For investors, you still get to enjoy the low interest rate, stamp-duty exemption, plus an unrestricted borrowing limit for a 3rd house during this period. It is wise to invest now when the price is lower than when the economy is good. On the downside of it, the rental market is rather weak during this pandemic season. That is why I would suggest investors to invest in new launch or pre-launch projects, so that you do not have to worry about the rental market for the moment. We do have some new projects with promised monthly Gross Rental Return (GRR), this will also ease the worrying of rental for your property.

Want to know more about Gross Rental Return (GRR)?

For the secondary or sub-sale market, the prices in this market have dropped due to the lower demand in this season. When people are restricted to travel abroad and even domestically, working individuals have returned home and have paused their work-life for the time being. Lower demand leads to lower asking price, therefore, the lower rental yield.

For the new launches, developers are offering better prices along with attractive deals and packages. Although many had postponed their launches to 2022, BUT, the developers working with us have a whole lineup of projects to be launched in the next year (2021).

Interested in New Launches?

Just a brief statement for the mid-range market, there is a slight reduce in the prices but it will not reduce further because it is at it’s best and fair value.

Finally, the high-end projects market, prices will remain high undoubtedly due to the location of the property, such as KL City Centre.

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As an investor, I wouldn’t hesitate to invest now.

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