Reasons to Invest Through a Unit Trust Consultant
Reasons to Invest Through a Unit Trust Consultant

Reasons to Invest Through a Unit Trust Consultant

Last Updated on Thursday, 4 November 2021 by Zhen Thing

Nowadays, when Unit Trust Investments related information becomes more widely available, many people would have at least known a thing or two about the said investment. With the information you have, regardless more or less, some people will try to invest in unit trust on their own without a Unit Trust Consultant.


Do you know the downside / risks of not investing through a Unit Trust Consultant (UTC)?

Reasons to Invest Through a Unit Trust Consultant

#1 Suitability Assessment (SA)

Before starting your investment, the first and most crucial step is to do a Suitability Assessment (SA) for each investor. This assessment is compulsory when you make your investments with Public Mutual and can only be done through a Unit Trust Consultant. In other words, SA is an investor’s risk assessment. It will explain whether the investor can invest up to a particular risk category. This assessment prepares the investor for the risks and protects them from taking risks outside of their risk category.

#2 Portfolio Review

With a UTC, investors can always request a portfolio review from your UTC. Your UTC can also help you build a solid portfolio from the beginning of your investments for new investors. With a solid portfolio, investors wouldn’t be vulnerable during market downturns because of the diversified portfolio that the UTC had planned for them.

Want to review your investment portfolio? Review today!

#3 Fund Analyses & Fund Reviews

Fund reviews are available, and investors may ask for the monthly, quarterly, or annual fund reviews from your UTCs. Investors can find the necessary details and fund performances through fund reviews. For further analyses of the respective funds, investors can seek their UTCs for explanations; if more in-depth information is required, investors may also call for a meeting with our fund managers (as an investor right with Public Mutual).

#4 Latest Fund & Market Updates

FREE – At No Extra Cost!

Finally, apart from all the above, our services to you are at no extra cost! Since investors would already be investing, why not let UTCs support and guide you throughout your investment horizon so that you can feel more at ease during your investment period (rather than on your own with many risks and restrictions). 😊

Risk of Investing On Your Own

#1 Investing in the good funds at the wrong time.

Insufficient knowledge of the current trends and the market situation may lead to entering the market at the wrong time. However, it has always been a UTC’s job to understand the market regularly, so why not leave the work to the professionals?

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