Simplistic Apartment (650 sqft)
Simplistic Apartment (650 sqft)

Simplistic Apartment (650 sqft)

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Simplistic Design 650 sqft Apartment

This 650 square feet Simplistic Apartment is suitable for singles or young couples looking for a homely and classy design. Beige and grey colours blend well together with a little bit of brown and orange furniture to enlighten the apartment.

Main colours for the theme :

  • Grey
  • Beige
  • Light Brown
  • Orange
  • White

Living Room

Simplistic Apartment
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The first thing you will see from the entrance is the living room, where you can log out from the real world and enter your comfort zone. A light brown carpet will be nice to tone up the greyness of the living room. Don’t forget to have a matching coffee table for the sofa.

Simplistic Apartment (650 sqft)
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Try to gather your artistic flair and pick a painting with similar colours as your theme for the bare wall in your living room.

Simplistic Apartment (650 sqft)
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The bedroom is separated from the common area with glass doors and beige-coloured curtains to provide some privacy. The kitchen is directly viewable from the living room.


Simplistic Apartment (650 sqft)
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The kitchen is an open-concept kitchen that is only suitable for light cooking. Heavy Asian-cooking may not be suitable for this kitchen as the smell and smoke from the cooking may spread to the whole apartment, which is unbearable for some people. Therefore, no proper kitchen appliances are prepared.

Besides that, the kitchen island table served as a dining table and paired with a few high stools. The balcony is right beside the kitchen, so you can open the door when the apartment is stuffy.


Simplistic Apartment Bedroom
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Moving on to the bedroom, a queen-size bed would fit perfectly into the room. If you’d prefer a king-size bed, it is workable, just that you would have to change to a smaller bedside table.

Simplistic Apartment Bedroom
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The windows form an L-shape that covers the whole bedroom. A good view is what you will wake up to every morning. Unfortunately, a full makeup table would not work in this layout. Instead, replace it with just a table, a mirror, and a makeup holder. Although it may seem lacking, it is more cost-effective and provides more space for your room. Following this design, the room will not feel too crowded or small.


Simplistic Apartment Bathroom
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Finally, the bathroom uses a grey background to blend in with the colour of the overall home design.

Do you like this home design? Any more ideas that you think can add to this design? Let me know what you think!

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I think this layout is beautiful!

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