Greyish Turquoise Blue Theme
Greyish Turquoise Blue Theme

Greyish Turquoise Blue Theme

Last Updated on Thursday, 22 April 2021 by Zhen Thing

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Greyish Turquoise Blue Theme

Instead of a dull and boring tone, this greyish turquoise blue theme brings out a minimalist and calm feel to your home.

Main colours for the theme :

  • Grey
  • Turquoise Blue
  • Dark Chocolate Brown
  • White

Design your living space with inspiration and creativity but don’t stop there. Once you get your design ready, you should also focus on the comfort of your living.


Living Room 客厅

Moving on to the living room, the first thing that came into view was a set of turquoise blue modern decorative paintings, with lines naturally stretching throughout the artwork and a city portrait that goes well with it. This combination makes the whole space looks graceful.


The living room uses a minimalist white tone, which is simple but bright. Adding a “Kaws” doll in the living room to create a slight grotesque feel but is not in an unpleasant way.


With a trivial life experience, while we practice building our lives through the delicate selection and innovation of elements and products, we also try to create a more imaginable space.


Kitchen 厨房

The selection of materials projects the designer’s sophistication and care. Whether it is the kitchen island table or the quality of the dining table, the use of plain grey marble and silver-grey aluminium plate, or the unique design that makes the kitchen spacious, each detail portrays the standard of living the designer pursues to achieve.


Study Room 书房


The French window in the study room is a great place to see the scenery. In addition to the landscape that you get to see, a wood-panelled desk and storage space completes the study room. This design is simple but does not lack sophisticated ingenuity.


The strip of light and a portrait lighten up the wall of the end of the corridor. By adding light at the small corner, the study looks spacious instantly, and it expands the vision of the study. The light can also provide the lighting of the corridor.


Bedroom 卧室

Next is the bedroom. The grey background at the headboard (or bedhead) creates a heavy and steady atmosphere around the room. Below the bed is a light-coloured carpet, giving a twist of gentle and quiet feel. A decorative metal chandelier by the corner would be perfect to match the tone of the bedroom. Doing so will enhance the sense of space. Thus, maximise the quality of details as if having a little jump amid the quietness. Therefore, this grey space no longer appears dull.


Bathroom 洗手间

The bathroom remains in line with the overall home design, using glass doors with a black outline. The atmosphere seems open but locked in with a sense of black.


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