Elegant Apartment Design
Elegant Apartment Design

Elegant Apartment Design

Last Updated on Thursday, 22 April 2021 by Zhen Thing

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Elegant Apartment Design

This a rather unique layout, rarely seen in Malaysia, but you may gather some inspiration from this elegant apartment design. The apartment consists of 3 rooms — Bedroom + Living Room, Dining Room +Kitchen, and Bathroom. Yes, the bedroom and living room is within the same area, making it like a studio unit.

Main colours for the theme :

  • Light grey
  • Dark grey
  • Woody Tiles
  • White


Elegant Apartment Corridor
1 |

The wardrobe and the shoe rack is lined up on both sides of the corridor when you enter the apartment. The door to your left leads to the bedroom + living room, right door leads to the kitchen, and straight ahead would be the bathroom.

Living Room + Study Corner

Elegant Apartment Living Room
2 |

An L-shape sofa with a coffee table and a rug sit in the living room. A unique overhead reading light is mounted to the wall to save space. Add in a plant of your choice to make the apartment look more “alive”.

Elegant Apartment Study Corner
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The tiny space next to the living area would be the study or work corner. It is partially separated from the living area with a wall in between. A tiny space next to the window is a perfect place for work where you may also get inspiration from the view.

4 |

On the other side of the living area, you may install a TV. Otherwise, you may use this idea by adding in a small wardrobe and a storage table to make the living area complete.


Elegant Apartment Bedroom
5 |

Looking from the window’s angel, you may see the bedroom right beside the living area.

Elegant Apartment Bedroom
6 |

The bed room is separated from the living area by a curtain to provide privacy when it’s time for bed.

Dining Room + Kitchen

Elegant Apartment Kitchen
7 |

The kitchen hood, cooker and oven are provided. This kitchen is suitable for heavy cooking, good for families who always eat in. This is design is more practical because you can close the door when you are cooking so that the food smoke will not spread to the whole apartment.

Elegant Apartment Kitchen
8 |

Apart from the ventilator, there is also a window to open when cooking so that it is not too stuffy. The dining area is nicely decorated with some artwork and wooden tiles.


Elegant Apartment Bathroom
8 |

Finally, to make the bathroom less boring, you may add coloured LED lights just as in the photo above.

Do you like this home design? Any more ideas that you think can add to this design? Let me know what you think!

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