Emergency Cash – Public e-Cash Deposit
Emergency Cash – Public e-Cash Deposit

Emergency Cash – Public e-Cash Deposit

Last Updated on Tuesday, 5 October 2021 by Zhen Thing

Ever thought of preserving your emergency cash in FD (Fixed Deposit) or the money market? You can choose Public e-Cash Deposit instead. It is a money market + comes with complimentary insurance!

Public e-Cash Deposit

As you know, FD is still below 2% pa (1.3~1.9% pa) and restricts the amount and duration to put your cash (6 months, 1 year, etc.). Whereas Public e-Cash Deposit is a flexible money market with no restrictions. Even more, it is also higher than the current FD up to 3%± pa.

*You may view the current FD rate in Malaysia from these two sites imoney and RinggitPlus.

Since this is a money market, there will be NO charges when you put your money in the e-Cash Deposit. It’ll be like your bank wallet, but with daily returns 😮. Since it’s like your bank wallet, you can always cash in and cash out anytime you want. Because this is what the money market is for — to preserve cash for emergency use.

Plus, you can access this e-Cash Deposit easily through the pocket PMO app. So everything is at your fingertips, making it so practical, beneficial and convenient! It could be from a few hundred to any amount you think you won’t use immediately but maybe in a few months (Min RM100 deposit only).

Another benefit that Public Mutual offers for its money market securities is the monthly distributions. For example, the distribution for May 2021 (ended 31 May 2021) declared at 0.14 sen per unit.

Short-term money market instruments like Public e-Cash Deposit are best for your emergency cash because you can access your money easily and conveniently, just like accessing your bank account.

Kindly reach out to me to guide you on your Public Mutual Online (PMO) account opening.

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