Diversify Your Retirement Fund – EPF
Diversify Your Retirement Fund – EPF

Diversify Your Retirement Fund – EPF

Last Updated on Wednesday, 13 October 2021 by Zhen Thing

Did you know that you can diversify your retirement fund by investing in Unit Trust with your Employees Provident Fund (EPF) savings? In this article, you may learn to boost your EPF savings to increase your future purchasing power through EPF Members Investment Scheme (EPF-MIS).

Consider EPF-MIS for a comfortable retirement lifestyle. Retirement planning is essential to safeguard your desired lifestyle during your retirement. The material is also available at our Corporate website > Our Products > EPF Investment, or here.


It is a scheme that allows EPF members to transfer a portion of their retirement savings for investment in unit trusts. Qualified EPF members can choose to invest in EPF-qualified unit trust funds with fund management institutions (IPD) appointed under the EPF-MIS, such as Public Mutual Berhad.

The Benefits of Investing Through EPF-MIS

  • No cash required. Investment transacts directly from your EPF Account 1.
  • Wide range of EPF-qualified unit trust funds.
  • Diversify with selected overseas and domestic funds.
  • Opportunity to optimise your EPF savings.

7 Reasons to Plan for Your Retirement

The Average Human Life Expectancy is Increasing.

Averagely, people now live longer than before at a life expectancy of nearly 80; some even live longer than that. Longer life means you’ll need more retirement funds to enjoy your remaining years. If you’re lucky, you may be above average bracket, and you’ll need more retirement savings than you had planned. Therefore, the earlier you begin, the better your chances of having sufficient retirement funds to last your entire lifespan.

Do you know how much you need for your retirement? Get a free assessment now!


Speaking of the food we eat. Last year (2020), the cheapest bowl of small noodle costs around RM6.50. This year (2021), the cheapest bowl of small noodle you can get is RM7.00. With this, the inflation rate is at 7.7% !

The inflation rate will rise from year to year, if you don’t start saving putting it in investment funds now, your money will only devalue and you are forced to work harder until your later years.

Medical Emergencies

The older you get, the higher the tendency of having health problems. Some people who have health insurance that covers well when bought at a young age may not have the coverage needed for when they are old. So, this is where your retirement savings come in handy. On the contrary, the more you would need to have retirement savings for your medical emergencies for people who do not have insurance coverage.

Lower Stress Mean Better Health.

Worrying about money can be very stressful. Financial stress relates to physical and mental conditions such as insomnia, anxiety, migraine headaches, and other diseases. It can steal away your peace of mind to enjoy your life.

Starting your retirement planning today is an important step in your overall financial wellness—which can only be good for your physical and emotional health.

You Can’t Work Forever.

As you age, you will slow down and certain tasks will become more difficult. Some people may like to work, but your love for work is no excuse to not save for retirement. Just in case you retire earlier than planned, you’d have your savings prepared. Without a retirement fund to fall back on, you’ll be stuck in your “work forever” plan.

Early Retirement – Time to Check Off Your Bucket List

When you have more than enough for retirement, you’d have an option to retire early. You’ll have the freedom to pursue your bucket list and do the things you want with your loved ones, especially with your spouse. You can enjoy your golden years doing the things you love without stressing out on your financials.

Your Retirement Can Contribute to Your Family and Charity

Aside from burdening your kids instead, you could even contribute to your family in your retirement. If you have a healthy amount of savings, you can afford occasional gifts and family vacations and even have valuable goods that you can pass down. Furthermore, you can also continue your charitable works by giving back to society.

Your retirement fund doesn’t have to end with you. With careful planning, you may have a nice gift for your children or grandchildren or have contributed to greater causes when your time comes.

Public Mutual – Your Ideal Investment Partner

Industry Leader

No.1 in unit trust and Private Retirement Scheme (PRS).
Total fund size of more than RM100 billion.
4.5 million account holders.

Extensive Distribution Channel

The largest unit trust consultant (UTC) distribution force in the domestic private unit trust industry.

Supported by 31 Branches/Customer Service Centres and more than 260 Public Bank branches nationwide.

Vast Experience

More than 40 years of experience in fund management.

Wide Range of Funds

Offers more than 160 Conventional and Shariah-based funds to meet your investment needs.

Public Mutual Online (PMO)

Provides a fast and convenient way to monitor your investment.

You can also invest and perform transactions with ease anytime, anywhere.

EPF-Qualified Funds Offered by Public Mutual

Public Mutual offers selected conventional and Shariah-based unit trust funds for EPF members. In addition, international and domestic funds are available, ranging from equity, mixed-assets, balanced, bond, and money market funds. For in-depth information and free consultation, kindly contact us by clicking the pink button below.

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